The Essential Handbag Collection Every Woman Needs

With so many different types of handbags for ladies, it can be challenging to determine what styles you need to complement your wardrobe and lifestyle. Not only does a handbag serve as a fashion accessory, but it also needs to carry your everyday essentials easily.
Every handbag collection should include must-haves for every occasion: a functional work tote like the Gigi Tote which has a lot of pockets; a daily wear tote bag like the Sarah Tote; a travel bag like the Ester Tote; a mobile sling like the Joey Crossbody; a beach bag like the Layla Tote; and an evening clutch like the Scottie Crossbody.
These versatile options ensure you're prepared for any event, from the office to the beach to a night out - and everything in between! In this article, we'll provide detailed insight into each of these amazing handbags, making it easy for you to choose which ones are right for you!
Functionality Meets Style: The Gigi Tote for Work
The removable strap allows you to wear this bag as a crossbody if you want to have your hands free. Alternatively, you can carry the Gigi Tote with its stylish braided handle. With sturdy zips and magnetic closures, the Gigi is perfect for everyday use.
Made from soft yet durable vegan leather, the Gigi Tote Bag is the ideal accessory for the workplace. Not only is this bag-style chic and professional, but it also provides more than enough space for your office essentials thanks to its front and back pockets.
This fashionable tote bag comes in a neutral shade called 'Soft Mouse', which is sure to look great with any outfit, no matter the colour scheme! Another perk of the Gigi Tote is that it comes with a free mini bag, making it easier than ever to transition from the office to your girls' night out.
Everyday Chic: Introducing the Sarah Tote for Daily Wear
Every woman needs an everyday bag that is well-suited to a wide variety of occasions. The Sarah Tote Bag, with its multiple compartments and classic design, is sure to be the most-used handbag in your collection.
The neutral grey colour of this bag allows it to look great with casual clothes and more formal outfits, so feel free to take it along to the mall, date nights, and family events. Its long strap allows you to carry it as a crossbody, but you can also wear it as a tote or a shoulder bag.
Unlike most other tote bags, the Sarah Tote comes with a zipper closure, ensuring your belongings are always secure. This bag is made from vegan leather - a soft yet durable material - providing you with many years of use!
Wanderlust Ready: Exploring the Ester Tote for Travel
Whether you're going on a day trip or a weekend away, the Ester Tote is your go-to bag for travel. With a length of over 30 centimetres (12 inches), there is more than enough space for this weekender bag to carry essentials for your trip.
The Ester comes in three gorgeous colours: brown, black, and olive. So take your pick! This large bag comes with three front pockets and sturdy wooden handles, making it easy to carry around on your adventures. The long braided strap can transform it into a crossbody bag.
When it comes to ladies' bags, it doesn't get more sleek and stylish than the Ester. This tote bag radiates luxury and promises to be the perfect travel companion, no matter your destination!
Versatility and Daily Wear Crossbody: Introducing the Eren Crossbody
When browsing different types of bags, you'll notice that crossbody bags are very popular. This is one of those shoulder bags that you can effortlessly swing over your shoulder and go about your day. So, if you don't have a crossbody bag in your collection yet, it may be time to add one!
The Eren Crossbody is practical, versatile, and convenient but still makes a fashion statement. Crafted from tricolour vegan leather in neutral shades, this gorgeous bag is sure to be the perfect addition to any outfit.
The soft material, branded lining, and metal zip closure set it apart from many other handbags in its category. If you're looking for functionality and elegance, you won't come across anything more suitable than the Eren Crossbody.
On-the-Go Convenience: The Joey Crossbody for Mobility
This small, casual bag is perfect for those busy days when you need your hands free and easy access to your essentials. Its compact size, just big enough to fit your keys and your phone, ensures the Joey Crossbody doesn't get in the way as you go about your day.
When it comes to colour, you can choose between Imperial red, Caribbean green, Soft Mouse, and Cultured grey to fit your personal style. Whether you're going on a walk around your neighbourhood or heading to a friend's house, the Joey Crossbody is ideal for on-the-go convenience and mobility.
These bags come with long braided shoulder straps, allowing you to customise your carrying method.
Sun, Sand, and Style: Embracing the Layla Tote for the Beach
Whether or not you live at the coast, it is still essential to have a few beach bags in your collection. Many different types of bags could be classified as a 'beach bag', but tote bags definitely offer the most practicality and convenience.
Made from woven nylon raffia, the Layla Tote is the beach companion you've been looking for! There's plenty of space to pack your towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, and other beach essentials - which will be easy to access thanks to the convenient magnetic closure.
With its sturdy wooden handles, the Layla can also be worn as a shoulder bag as you make your way to the seaside for the day.
Evening Elegance: Elevating Your Look with the Scottie Crossbody
When you think of evening wear, you may immediately think of clutch bags, which are synonymous with effortless elegance. The Scottie Crossbody can be worn as a clutch or across your body thanks to its stylish braided strap.
The wooden clasp is functional, easy to use, and fashion-forward, providing you with immediate access to your belongings. While this bag is perfect for formal occasions, it could also be worn to more casual events depending on how you style it.
The Scottie comes in three beautiful shades: tan, black, and beige. No matter your style, there is a Scottie Crossbody that will fit in cohesively with your wardrobe.
What other types of bags should women have?
Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, the following bags may prove to be very useful:
1. Belt bag
2. Diaper bag
3. Laptop bag
4. Duffle bag
5. Hobo bag
6. Envelope bag
7. Satchel bag
8. Bucket bag
9. Round bag
10. Bowling bag
11. Basket bag
12. Backpack purse
13. Messenger bag
Where to buy beautiful handbags in India?
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Conclusion: Building Your Versatile Handbag Collection
There is no need to buy a dozen different types of bags all at once when building your versatile collection of luxury handbags. Take your time and consider your lifestyle preferences when browsing handbags for women.
Do you need to carry your laptop with you? How often do you go to the beach? Do you typically wear more casual or formal outfits? Answering these questions will guide you in the right direction.