Let’s Grow Together

In the slum-dwelling confines of the Kishangarh Village in New Delhi, we noticed the bubbling enthusiasm and aesthetic sense of young, impoverished children with dreams in their innocent eyes. Upon witnessing their love for art and their nimble fingers bent gingerly delivering delightful paintings, we felt compelled to join in their merriment and promote their well-being.

Hie Impact is our thoughtful and empowering initiative for developing the artistic edge in these young children. Additionally, we support women in the village by involving them in the stitching of the Hie care bags with imprints of these children’s heartwarming paintings. This way we achieve synergies by helping the destitute while making a utility item.

Happiness is Easy when it comes with a noble cause to propel integrated growth in the community. Our commitment to civic engagement is well accomplished and hope to broaden our outreach over time.

As you purchase your Hie bundle of joy, you ought to feel proud that you played a role in uplifting the beleaguered and nurturing the ignored by finding use in that care bag, that will bring them a world of opportunities and financial support.