Hie there!

Hie is a handbag and accessories brand that speaks to the woman of today. One that allows her to revel in her many avatars. One that empowers self-expression. One that gives momentum to her highs and lows.

The journey began and our team of super-charged designers, craftsmen and marketers set about like a pack of elves busy in their workshop, pouring their heart and soul into redefining the essence of a handbag. We played with moods, vibes, colors, patterns, materials, and designs to conjure up a collection of different styles. Eventually, we witnessed a rare sense of pleasure as the line-up unfolded, each with its own unique wow factor.

Our purpose is to suit your pleasure and feed your fancy. As we toe the line of affordable luxury, we daresay, we have a design for every mood, a color for every quirk and a style for every occasion.

Aamil Ahuja