What Is A Tote Bag Used For?

The fashion industry is ever-changing, and if you'd like to keep up, you'll want to know about one of the hottest topics: tote bags. Totes are more than just an accessory - they're multi-functional tools for your everyday life.

If you love practical style, a tote bag will be your new best friend. We're here to tell you all there is to know about this tote-ally amazing accessory. From its history to the different styles, here's why these bags are simply the best you can ask for.


What Is A Tote Bag? The Definition And History

A tote bag is a large, versatile bag, with parallel handles that emerge from its pouch. They typically don't fasten which adds to their convenience. For the style-conscious, there are numerous styles available, so you'll easily be able to find your dream tote bags.

Tote bags can be used to carry many things, almost anything really. This convenient accessory is a travel bag, gym bag, and beach bag all wrapped up in one. They often replace plastic bags for shopping too.

The history of tote bags is believed to date back to the 1940s when a brand called L.L. Bean made a new bag design to easily carry ice. Since then, the trendy and practical tote bag has been reimagined into varied designs by many iconic brands and designers.


Tote Bags For Different Uses

These bags are the perfect option to carry your everyday essentials, whether you want a spacious overnight bag or intend to replace plastic shopping bags. They have sturdy double handles which can help you carry heavy personal items.

Whatever your needs are, totes are the ideal bag for almost every use you can think of. Let's check just how versatile this accessory is.

Large work tote bags for the professional

Tote bags come in many forms, but a large work tote is one of the best uses of all. Combining functionality with sophistication will enhance your professional life more than you expect. 

An oversized bag means you'll be able to carry and access everything you need for work without a hassle. Our divine handmade leather tote bags will add some dazzle to your personal style (and help the environment because they're made of vegan leather).

These are our top picks:

The Sarah Tote: This eco-friendly replacement features a stylish woven front panel, two zip pockets, and a magnetic closure. It is a spacious above-average sized tote bag that is perfect for your essential items.


The Gigi Tote: A unique tote bag with front pockets, a discreet back zip pocket, and an elegant braided handle. It also comes with a free small tote that you can wear crossbody for a hands-free walk through the office.


The Elena Tote: This is the ideal tote for a boss lady who needs a sturdy bag that can carry her laptop. It will also become one of your favourite weekend bags after work. The all-purpose Elena tote has two front pockets, a back pocket, a mobile flap on the inside, and a place to hook your keys.


The Anisa Tote: This ultra-trendy office bag has two front pockets, a  back zip pocket, an internal phone pocket, and a metal accessory to hang your keys.


Spacious travel totes for the wanderlust soul

Travelling means you'll need enough space to carry your items along on your adventures. A tote bag is one of the most stylish travel accessories that combine convenience and fashion. For example, a beach tote bag could carry books for your seaside reading, extra clothes, or have you ready for a quick picnic.

You might be most familiar with a typical canvas tote bag, but the best tote bags are ones that look gorgeous beyond function and are a must for your next trip (whether abroad or down the road).

If you're looking for a travel bag, these are some of the best:

The Ester Tote: This multi-functional, luxurious bag is made from vegan leather and has a wooden handle. It's superb for any occasion from - work to travel.



The Nova Tote: The spacious boat shape means you won't need to leave anything at home. The nylon raffia design and chic vegan leather trims offer a resort-style look. It comes complete with a front hook pocket, a zip pocket, and an attached earphone case.



The Ivy Tote: If you're looking for an accessory with personality, this is the one. The Ivy Tote is crafted with multicoloured woven nylon raffia with vegan leather trims and fun decorative hangings. It also has plenty of room for the items you need on your daily adventures.



The Layla Tote: The ultimate blend between utility and style. It has a sophisticated round wooden handle covered in vegan leather and has a woven and lined pouch. This tote is the perfect bag, whether you're exploring the city or on a resort getaway.



Eco-conscious totes for sustainable shoppers

The good news is that there's an eco-friendly side to tote bags. Do you want to be a conscious consumer? Look for one that is ethically manufactured and made from sustainable materials (like our vegan leather options).

Instead of purchasing plastic bags at the grocery store, why not take along a functional, spacious tote? This reduces waste and leaves you with a reusable bag for more than just your grocery run. 

Tote bags for everyday life

A tote bag is one of the handiest items you could own. There are countless everyday uses for this accessory. Whether you've got canvas tote bags from a brand promotion, or a fashionable one from a brand like ours.

With a tote bag, you could:

1. Transport dirty laundry

2. Use it for home storage

3. Replace gym bags or laptop bags

4. And use it to carry just about anything you can think of

Owning a tote bag will change your life for the better thanks to its versatility and convenience.


Why should I use a tote bag?

Tote bags help reduce the use of plastic; they're reusable, easy to wash, and strong. Besides eco-friendliness, totes come in many styles and sizes. You can easily find a fashionable option that will complement your wardrobe.

What is the difference between totes and normal bags?

Totes are usually unfastened, or easily unfastened, and larger than typical handbags. They are made from a range of different fabrics, colours, and patterns like other bags, but are typically more lightweight. They are often made from materials like canvas, cotton and woven fabrics.

How can I style my tote bag?

Totes are super versatile and can go with almost any outfit! You can order custom tote bags if you have a special event in mind, or use the colours in your tote and match them with your favorite dress for a classy look. If you want something more casual, pair your tote with a t-shirt and some leggings - simple!

What is the purpose of a tote bag?

The purpose of tote bags is almost limitless. There are numerous uses for them, from grocery shopping to the gym, office, beach, school, and beyond. You can also use them to store items. Usually, these bags are foldable and you can keep them in your car for when you need one.


Final Thoughts

Beyond all the uses of a tote bag, these functional accessories can also add style to your wardrobe. Whether you need lots of space for your work essentials or want to travel, there is a tote bag that can do the job.

Our tote bag collection was curated to blend functionality and fashion into one. All of them are sustainably made, extra spacious, and feature additional pockets to make your life more convenient.,from%20car%20to%20ice%20chest%E2%80%9D,be%20just%20what%20you%20need.,from%20woven%20fabrics%20like%20jute.,take%20while%20on%20the%20go.