Travelling to diverse and busy countries and being on the go daily requires women to be organised and prepared when it comes to the bag they are carrying. Most importantly, you need to be ready for some well-deserved holiday shopping and exciting activities.

So, if you're travelling and looking for spacious yet stylish travel bags to accompany you, HIE has got you covered with its endless travel tote options.


HIE Travel Totes: Spacious Yet Convenient

Finding a travel bag that is convenient to carry, spacious, and highly stylish is not easy—until now! HIE offers some incredible travel bags for women. What's even better is that HIE doesn't limit you to boring duffle bags, inconvenient wheels dragging behind you, or bags made of unstylish, bulky suitcase material.

When visiting new countries and going on adventures, your days will be jam-packed with exciting activities, nonstop shopping, and lots of commuting. Because of this, you ideally only want to carry one convenient travel bag.

This is why you need a bag big enough to fit all your everyday essentials and additional purchases you make throughout the day. At the same time, it must be comfortable to carry while keeping your belongings safe. That's where HIE's best-selling travel bag steps in: The Ester Tote.


The Ester Tote: HIE's Best-Selling Travel Bag

The Ester Tote is HIE's best-seller because of its convenience, utility, style, and spaciousness! This tote also provides security, as it has many compartments that can securely close. This keeps your belongings extra safe and provides peace of mind during your next travel adventure.

This stylish tote was explicitly designed for women on the go, especially for travel and work purposes. It also comes in two different colourways: Rich Black (which suits every outfit) or Elegant Olive Green, which adds a pop of colour to your day-to-day looks.

The Ester Tote is made of vegan leather and has multiple carry options. It has a wooden curved built-in handle and an additional crossbody strap that you can attach to the tote when you are on the go. Also, HIE's bags are made in India, allowing you to support local businesses.


Chic and functional features of the Ester Tote

The Ester Tote is more than just functional and perfect for travel. It is also super chic and sports some unique features that can elevate your everyday looks and add remarkable functionality.

  • Three front pockets - which are all separate, spacious and can close securely.

  • Contrasted edge colour - adds dimension and pop of colour.

  • Gold hardware - ensures only the best quality as your Ester Tote won't tarnish.

  • Strong metal main zip - closes the tote securely, keeping your belongings safe.

  • Back pocket feature - adds even more space and utility to the tote.

  • Inside lining - keeps your belongings safe from friction and ensures the tote is extra durable.

  • Metal accessory - to hang your keys, providing better organisation.

  • Interior mobile pocket - ensures you can separate your personal belongings for organisational purposes.

  • Inside zipped pocket - keep your wallet, passports and other valuable items extra safe.


Other Tote Options For Your Travels

If the Ester Tote isn't for you, or if you're looking to buy multiple totes to expand your travel wardrobe, take a look at some of HIE's other travel tote options. These totes provide the same functionality and style as HIE's best-seller. Add Gigi, Sydney, or Serena to your cart, and bring them along on your next adventure.

Gigi Tote

The Gigi Tote is a soft beige colour, perfect for matching any outfit. It's made from vegan leather and is less structured in shape than the Ester Tote, making it a more casual option great for an everyday look.

The Gigi Tote retails at a slightly cheaper price point than Ester, but they are almost identical in size and utility. Much like Ester, Gigi has many functional pockets on the inside and outside that securely close, providing extra security and space.

Gigi has two wear options: a braided handle and a crossbody strap. Another cool feature is that it comes with a micro mini tote, free of charge. You can use the mini tote separately, for a different look, or in your Gigi Tote while travelling - adding great versatility! 

Sydney Tote

If you're looking for a more affordable bag, Sydney is for you. This beauty has a beachy look, coming in a sandy tan colour. It is made with woven nylon and rich brown vegan leather trimmings, making it the perfect beach holiday travel bag.

The Sydney Tote has a firm structure, with one large outer pocket that closes magnetically and a zipped, built-in back pocket. It is perfect for keeping your essentials organised while you're on the go. Although the Sydney Tote is more casual, it does not fail to provide maximum utility and elegance. It is a great tote to travel with conveniently and in style.

Serena Tote

The Serena Tote is the it-girl tote. This patterned triangular tote is a unique travel accessory to include in your vacation wardrobe. Serena is affordable and spacious and comes in black, brown, and tan. This woven rustic tote gives you a boho-chic travel bag that will compliment every outfit and adventurous activity you find yourself on.

Although the Serena tote has fewer pockets than the others, it is super sizeable and has a secure inside pocket with a metal zip. So you can still adequately organise and protect your belongings on your next adventure!



Are HIE's travel totes only for women?

No! While HIE's travel totes were initially made for women, they can be used by anyone! If you appreciate stylish functionality, add one of HIE's totes to your collection.

Are HIEs travel totes waterproof?

Although HIE's travel totes are made from durable, high-quality materials, they are not waterproof. It is always better to take precautions when travelling. So, keep all your valuables, like your phone, wallet, and passport, in waterproof plastic pouches if you plan on getting caught in a rainstorm.

Can I buy HIE travel totes in a physical store or only online?

HIE is an online store, so in-store purchases are not possible. Fortunately, our website is super easy to use, and you can see extensive descriptions of the products before you add them to your cart!

Can I return my HIE order?

Yes, you can. HIE has a 7-day return policy for all items, except those bought on sale or items that have been personalised. For more information on returns, visit our website's return policy page.

Does HIE make traditional luggage bags?

No. Unlike most travel bags, which are usually duffle bags or bags with chunky wheels, HIE offers travel bags for women that are super stylish. They come in a tote style, which is just as functional as traditional luggage bags. As an added bonus, HIE's travel totes will elevate your outfit.

Final Thoughts

The Ester Tote offers the complete package in a travel bag: functionality, space, convenience, and style. Alternatively, the Gigi, Sydney, and Serena totes offer the same utility and style as the Ester but at a more affordable price and in different styles. Gigi offers casual functionality, Sydney is an excellent beach companion, and Serena is ideal for the boho babe looking for the perfect travel bag.

So, for your next travel adventure, add HIE's travel totes to your shopping cart. You will have endless options to choose from that cater to every woman's handbag needs - no matter what the occasion is!