Finding the perfect present for a particular person in your life is difficult enough, let alone trying to find the ideal gift for a woman! With so many options, it's easy to fall short when it comes to picking a thoughtful gift for her - whether that's your partner, friend, colleague, or mother.

So, if you're looking for the best gifts for women other than the stock-standard earrings or flowers, consider HIE's exquisite collection of handbags. After all, it's a gift that every woman needs! HIE's online store has so much to choose from that you will be sure to find a handbag that suits any personality and style.

Handbags: A Practical Gift For Her

It is widely known that a great gift is one that someone will use every day. Handbags are part of every woman's life, whether they be crossbody, shoulder, or tote bags. It is guaranteed that every lady in your life will think that a handbag is a thoughtful gift. At the same time, it is a functional gift idea that will help her organise her belongings in style!

There are several reasons why handbags are an excellent gift for her.


Popular occasion gifts like chocolates, fresh flowers or a coffee mug will likely be eaten, broken or forgotten about almost immediately. Not to mention, they are seriously cliche.

Good quality handbags, made with durable materials, will last her a lifetime. There is no better gesture than giving your special woman a gift that will last as long as your love.


Women often have many items in their bags. Beautiful and functional gifts will make her life much easier. A new handbag will ensure much better organisation of her everyday essentials. Not to mention, she'll feel fabulous carrying it around!


Everyone can agree that handbags are very versatile gifts. A handbag can elevate an outfit, transforming her daytime look into something more formal for an evening look. They add another dimension to a wardrobe that can easily make all the difference to their look!

To make this gift even better, get her a handbag that compliments her personal style.


HIE's Handbag Collection

Whether you are looking to buy romantic, Mother's Day, special occasion, or birthday gifts, HIE's handbag collection has got you covered. They have so many different styles to choose from and also offer smaller accessories for those looking for a more affordable gift option.

Styles, materials and prices

HIE's handbags come in multiple styles, materials, and prices. This means you can pick a gift that suits your lady's aesthetic without worrying about limited options. It also means that you can pick a great gift that suits your budget.

Another notable feature is that all HIE's bags are vegan, combining elegance and environmental friendliness!


An HIE crossbody bag is the perfect handbag for a busy woman on the go. They are relatively compact but big enough to hold all her essentials, like her phone, wallet, and keys (and even leave some space for her makeup).

Most of HIE's crossbody bags also allow the wearer to remove the crossbody strap and wear it as a mini bag, providing added versatility!

  • Materials: Vegan leather, woven nylon raffia, paper straw, PVC, wicker

  • Price range: ₹1,400 - ₹5,250

  • Our top picks: Alaya, Ravya, and Mini-Mia Crossbody Bags


The tote is the ideal gift for a lady who carries her life in her purse, whether to and from work or travelling for pleasure. HIE's totes are spacious yet convenient to carry—not to mention they are utterly gorgeous!

  • Materials: Vegan leather, woven nylon raffia, paper straw

  • Price range: ₹2,000 - ₹4,500

  • Our top picks: Ester Tote and Serena Tote

Mobile cases

Less is more with HIE's stylish yet affordable mobile cases. This is one of the most unique gift ideas for women who like to carry nothing but their phones! HIE's mobile cases will keep her device safe and secure.

Mini bags

HIE's mini bags are classic - and ideal for those ladies who like to keep things minimalistic. HIE has a beautiful collection of mini bags ranging from breezy and casual to elegant and formal. You can't go wrong with these - just be sure to pick one that suits her aesthetic.

  • Materials: Vegan leather, woven nylon raffia, paper straw

  • Price range: ₹1,500 - ₹2,750

  • Our top picks: Amaya, Linda and Amina Mini Bag

Shoulder bags

HIE's shoulder bags are some of the best gifts for women on the go who still love to be fashion-forward. The bag's proportions lie between a tote and a mini bag, meaning they are the ideal mid-sized handbag. This style is entirely foolproof for gift giving, as it caters to women who carry a lot and those who want only their essentials.

  • Materials: Vegan leather, woven nylon raffia, paper straw

  • Price range: ₹1,800 - ₹3,300

  • Our top picks: Payton, Phoebe and Nadia Shoulder Bag


HIE offers some gorgeous handbag accessories. These vary from "twillies" (scarf-like wraps to accessorise a bag handle) to luggage tags, mini pouches (purses), and cute tassels. All of these can be personalised with the recipient's name - adding a special touch to your gift.


Why Are HIE's Handbags Memorable Gifts For Women?

The best gifts for important women in your life are those that show you care. HIE offers customised designs for any occasion gift, ensuring that it's unique and memorable. HIE also delivers every package in an elegant box, making the delivery of all their gift hampers even more special.



Why are HIE handbags the best gifts for women?

HIE offers an extensive range of handbags catering to all women. Whether your lady likes something casual, formal, beachy, or boho, HIE has it all! HIE offers every handbag style option, including crossbody bags, totes, mini bags, shoulder bags and mobile cases.

How do I choose the right handbag for a woman?

You have to take two things into account when choosing the right handbag for a lady:

  • Personal style: What does she usually wear? If you've noticed her using spacious bags, opt for HIE's totes. If you have seen her carry mostly smaller bags, opt for a shoulder or mini bag.

  • Lifestyle: What is her day-to-day routine? Does she commute a lot? If so, a more spacious bag allowing her to carry many personal items, like her laptop, would be a great option. If not, get her something less functional and more stylish, like a HIE vegan leather mini bag.

Does HIE offer affordable gift options?

Yes! HIE accessories range from ₹450 - to ₹1,400. You can also customise these accessories, so even though they are a more affordable option, they can still be unique and memorable.

What are some other popular gifts for women?

Other popular gift ideas for women include self-care products like body lotions, soaps, and perfume. You could also create a gift box filled with a combination of all her favourite things! And when it comes to romantic gifts, you can't go wrong with fine jewellery in white gold or silver.


Final Thoughts

So yes, finding the perfect gift for a woman is hard— they are complex creatures! But now it doesn't have to be. If you're out of ideas, a handbag is without a doubt one of the most memorable and unique gifts - as well as one of the most practical. With HIE's extensive range of gorgeous bags, you will find something for any woman's personality, style, or occasion - guaranteed!